Down Syndrome Association of the Hudson Valley

Photo courtesy of John Petit

Hudson Valley's Leading Voice for Down Syndrome

The Down Syndrome Association of the Hudson Valley (DSAHV) is committed to helping people with Down Syndrome and their families.  We do this by providing events, programs, and resources for members and others in the 5 county region: (Dutchess, Putnam, Orange, Ulster & Sullivan.) This encourages and builds a loving and positive community, one that promotes awareness, empathy, and acceptance of individuals with Down syndrome.

What we do

The Down Syndrome Association Hudson Valley, established by a group of parents in the 1980s, is a volunteer driven organization created for local families. We wish to see our children and adults with Down syndrome live fulfilling, empowered lives and strive to meet the individual needs of each family. Our mission is simply:
  • To provide support to new parents
  • To obtain and provide up to date information on Down syndrome to parents and others
  • To improve education for students with Down syndrome
  • To enhance employment opportunities for people with Down syndrome
  • To increase community awareness of Down syndrome


We are a network of support for individuals with Down syndrome and their families, from birth through adulthood.  Contact our Program Coordinator, Jason Gehlert or our Membership Coordinator, Ashley Quintoni, for further information. Or Visit us on social media…


We share experiences and advocate in the community for our individuals and their families.  We encourage the term “differently-abled,” instead of “disabled”, as people with DS have unique gifts to share. If you are a new parent, remember your baby is a baby first and DS is secondary.


Through quarterly newsletter communication and monthly meetings, we educate ourselves and our members on the most up to date information regarding Down syndrome.  We have educational coaches to assist with individual education planning, as well as a connections with the NDSS and NDSC…

Community Awareness

Our two main events are World Down syndrome Day 3-21; and our annual Buddy Walk in October.  These events help foster acceptance for individuals with DS, in the Hudson Valley community.  People come to realize that the developmental delays are mild-moderate and  that individuals with DS simply learn at a slower-pace.

Our Collaborators